New Adidas ADI-DYNA Training Shoes – Suitable for All Types of Martial Arts

Cimac, the UK’s official Adidas combat sports distributor have recently released a new martial arts shoe  on their website and via Amazon UK… the Adidas Adi-Dyna. All fellow martial artists, regardless of your chosen discipline will benefit from investing in a pair of these martial arts shoes.

The ADI-DYNA is made with a segmented sole which is said to increase foot flexibility when kicking.  Typical front and back pivot points are also inserted onto the sole of the shoe for easier movement  and rotation.

If your discipline requires you to do a fair amount of kicking or quick changes in direction as mine does, you would appreciate this small but effective function the pivot’s bring.


Pin-hole perforations have been made on one side of the shoe to allow for more flexibility and has a longer lasting thicker sole than the previous adidas taekwondo shoes released.

A velcro flap around the front of the foot gives firm support whilst the extra padding around ankle makes the Adidas ADI-DYNA a must purchase for all martial artists. As a am long overdue an upgrade on my current martial arts shoes, I think I too will be investing in these!

The shoes retail from £59.99 and are available to purchase from Cimac UK and Amazon UK.