Ilu Fitwear – A NEW British Fitness Fashion Brand Designed For Women Who Like To Sweat In Style

As we approach Spring, quite hard to imagine right now with zero degree temperatures and frighteningly strong winds that has caused chaos, (and in some instances a few fatalities RIP) to many parts of the United Kingdom over the past week, I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming fashion forward fitness wear that I can wear in style whilst getting my sweat on working out. Back in late December 13 I came across new British Brand Ilu Fitwear.

Ilu Fitwear Background

The Ilu concept was born in the Summer of 2013 out of the dreams of two City women (Sonya Morton-Firth and Mary Moran) who shared a passion for all things relating to health, fitness and fashion. They both firmly believed that these topics could, and should, be combined!

The meaning of Ilu

Ilu is the Estonian word for beauty.

Taken from the Ilu Fitwear website, the  Ilu concept is all about inspiring women, helping them to feel beautiful, both inside and outside and as such believes:

“Ilu is for women who want to look and feel good, with a lifestyle which blurs the lines between exercise times, everyday times and fun times. Women who want to look good and feel good, whether in their workout clothes out for a run, shopping and a coffee with friends, or even going out in killer heels for a glamorous night out”.

Having viewed the entire Ilu fitwear range online and in detail, I have come to the conclusion that Ilu is:

  • Fun
  • Sporty
  • Colourful
  • Sexy
  • Edgy (especially the lace pieces)

and would make a great addition to any fitness fashionista’s workout wardrobe.

Below are My Top 5 favourite pieces from their debt collection.

Tummy Flattening Vest


One of my stand out favourites (probably my fav actually) from their range is the ultra sexy ‘Tummy Flattening Vest’. I just LOVE this hot pink colour and works really well with the white sports bra underneath.

As the name suggests, it is cleverly designed to hide our midriff on days we don’t want it on display (this is so me on most days).

This stunning piece is fitted at the hips and has a stay in place waste band to ensure the top does not ‘ride up’ during our workout sessions.


The draping fabric hangs in all the right places and the cut away design back together with the loop detail makes this a serious eye catching kit essentials piece of clothing.

The colour-ways on offer are pink and black and are made in the following UK sizes:

  • X Small
  • Small-Medium
  • Medium-Large

If you too are feeling this strikingly lovely top you can get you hands on it via the Ilu Fitwear website for a very affordable price of £29.99.

Sticking with the vest theme for now up I will next introduce to you the gorgeous…

Ilu Layered Vest


This trendy little number immediately caught my eye. I personally love this vest in black (the pink is worn in the main picture of this article)

I am a huge fan of cut away designs, as it allows us ladies showcase and co-ordinate a pretty sports bra underneath whilst bearing a small amount of skin.

This is great for ladies like I, who may feel either conscious or somewhat away revealing and exposing our entire midriff (ogling men does not help the situation).

The Ilu Layered Vest is said to have a soft and silky feel, and its beautifully draping fabric will no doubt flatter any figure. Just like the previous vest the colour-ways on offer are black and pink and made in UK sizes:

  • X Small
  • Small-Medium
  • Medium-Large

The Ilu Layered Vest is sooo versatile it can be worn as a casual top whilst out and about shopping or simply meeting a friend for a coffee and can be yours for £27.00.

I will now move my attention to Ilu’s leggings, in particular the…

Ilu Sporty Compression Leggings


Now I do like a bit of colour, especially bright and pastel shades, so when I saw these leggings and the colour contouring effect used on both sides of the legs I was instantly smitten!

The Ilu Sporty Compression Leggings are designed to give ultra-support and as per the description on their site they are:

“Carefully crafted for the perfect fit, they hold and lift to enhance body shape. Colour contouring creates a slimming silhouette. With integrated triathlon technology these are designed for training indoor and outdoor”.

What grabbed my attention when reading the features of these leggings was learning they had a  ‘bottom shaping design’.

What does this even mean? (surely these leggings don’t have padding LOL).

I shall wait until I put these babies through a performance session as part of an upcoming photo-shoot for my blog before confirming what exactly what this feature consists of hehe.

The Sporty Compression Leggings are available in four different colours:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Violet


Whilst pink is quite an eye catching colour, my personal preferences on these particular leggings are violet and turquoise (I do love my blue shades).

These leggings are available in UK waist sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 and are available to purchase from the Ilu Fitwear website for £69.99.

Still on the shade of violet, and casting a firm eye over their sports bra range my next favourite item from the collection is the…

Ilu Sporty Uplifter  


Ilu claims this is not just a sports bra, as the Ilu Sporty Uplifter is constructed with triple layer technology giving the perfect uplifted shape as well as support as is designed for medium impact sports.

If this bra does lives up to its claims, I would assume it can be worn as an everyday bra too but without testing this out myself I can’t recommend it to be worn this way.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to learn this bra has NO uncomfortable wires.

I stress there is nothing worse than under-wires penetrating through the fabric and digging into ones ribs! (quite painful) so now stay clear of all under-wired bras. It also provides sweat wicking.

The Ilu Sporty Uplifter is available in the following colour-ways:

  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Violet

and is available in UK top sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Once again I am personally drawn to the violet and turquoise colours but you may prefer pink. This bra makes a great addition to make your workout outfit ‘pop’ when paired with either of the vests mentioned previously.

This can be purchased directly from the Ilu Fitwear website at £39.99

 My final piece I have picked out from their selection of tops is the ever flattering…

Ilu Sport Racer Back


No fitness wardrobe is complete without a good quality and aesthetically pleasing multi purpose top and this I feel comes in the form of the Ilu Sporty Racer Back.

Designed with inner uplifting support for our bust (no need for a sports bra this time around), carefully positioned  front seams for a slimming effect and a beautifully cut out racer shape to show off shoulder blades you can hopefully see why this top is a firm favourite of mine from the collection (maybe yours too).


Yes you’ve correctly guessed I am absolutely loving and seriously lusting after this top in turquoise but if this colour is too bright or simply not your preference it is also available in the following colour-ways:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • White

and is available in UK top sizes 6, 10, 12, and 14. If you want to make the Sporty Back Racer part of your collection it can be your’s for £47.99 when purchased from the Ilu Fitwear website.

So there you have it, these are my Top 5 pieces from Ilu Fitwear’s Debt Collection 

You can see why I recommend they too be apart of your ‘Kit Essentials’ to invest in.

Of course Ilu’s range is not limited to my selected items as there are many other pieces to choose.

From black lace leggings and a black lace back top (super hot) to a rather unusual but intriguing halter neck sports bra.

Why not head on over to Ilu Fitwear’s website to have a nosey yourself?

Ilu Fitwear can also be found on Facebook and via Twitter.

As briefly talked about in this article, I will be performance testing some of these very pieces as part of one of a few upcoming outdoor training and kickboxing photoshoots for this blog.

My thoughts on overall

  • Fit
  • Feel and
  • Performance

will be documented to share with you whilst also giving you lovely ladies a unique discount code just on the off chance you might be interested in having a little bit of Ilu in you life so do keep posted over the next few weeks.

Until then stayed blessed, believe in your capabilities and continue to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life!

One Love x