Gym Tote: A Fitness Fashionista’s Dream Designed For Working Women Who Long To Carry Their Kit In Style

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Ladies! Have you ever dreamt about making your way from work straight to the gym without the hassle and inconvenience of lugging around multiple bags? Or worse, mixing your workout gear (sports bra and change of undies included) amongst your office essentials which, if pulled out accidentally in front of work colleagues, could lead to embarrassment? Well, thanks to British Fitness Brand Gym Tote and this very scenario, our prayers have finally been answered in the form of their super practical totes that looks like a handbag, yet performs like a gym bag, designed especially for working women who long to carry their kit in style.

Most corporate city working women can relate to sporting an unsightly, plastic-nylon bag on the shoulder of their crisp two piece skirt or trouser suit at some point, which, if we’re completely honest spoils the look of an otherwise perfect ensemble! But its not all about aesthetics at Gym Tote HQ, for brainchild Helena Searcaigh and designer Nicola Kearney, who have a combined background in sports management and fashion, created a multi-functional tote that is bound to leave any female fitness enthusiast wanting to instantly put a tote or two on their wishlist.

Gym Tote Key Features

Images courtesy of Gym Tote

All Gym Tote bags are generously sized and have a top handbag compartment that comes complete with an array of slip and zip pockets, carefully designed to ensure all of your daily essentials are stored within easy reach. This of course means frantically rummaging through your bag in order to get to your purse, oyster card, mobile phone or work lanyard are finally thing of the past whilst a separate base layer compartment made with wipe-able water-resistant silver nylon effortlessly stores your gym kit.

Image courtesy of Gym Tote

If this is not already a fitness fashionista’s dream, imagine the sheer delight upon discovering a separate exterior trainers compartment with mesh eyelets to keep sweaty trainers well ventilated. Add to that another surprise compartment that is solely dedicated to your favourite water bottle or protein shaker, again made with water resistance silver lining with the view to reduce accidental spills on fresh kit or fitness gadgets and you have all of the right elements for this tote to probably be one of thee best ultra stylish gym bags you will have the pleasure of owning!

It is also worth mentioning that all Gym Totes have a compartment at the back to store either an A4 notepad or tablet, soft padded handles with an additional cross body strap (as seen in main picture) and can hold up to 40 lbs  / 18kg.

Since Gym Totes launched their Signature Collection back in late 2014, which saw the unveiling of the much sought after Eva (£115.00) and trendy colour blocking Reese (£120.00), Helena and Nicola have very recently added an additional two totes under their new Spring Collection Range, which showcases the strikingly beautiful Sophia (£120.00) available in black and Saffiano Tan faux leather. Bikram Yoga after back-to-back boardroom meetings? No problem, the Sophia is the first of its range to feature a built in mat holder.

It is always incredibly refreshing to come across a product that is genuinely made and designed with much thought to make the the life of us fitness enthusiasts and gym goers all the more more easier. If there were no limits to Gym Tote’s awesomeness, the ladies behind the brand are even working behind the scenes to provide a line that caters to men too.

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Whilst Gym Tote are indeed more expensive than your usual gym bag or sports holdall,  you wiill be glad to know it also doubles up as a perfect weekend / overnight stay bag, ensuring you get maximum wear out of your purchase.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news, launches and occassional pop ups at events, Gym Tote can be found on Twitter and Gym Tote Facebook page.

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