6 Pack Bags – The Ultimate Meal Management System For Fitness People On The Go

For all you elite athletes, aspiring body-builders, fitness enthuiasts, regular gym-goers and health conscious individuals out there, I’m sure you will LOVE today’s suggested ‘kit essentials’ item that is designed for fitness / health conscious individuals on the go! Ladies and Gents I Introduce to you 6 Pack Fitness…

I have been eyeing up 6 Pack Fitness products for the absolute longest and think it is now the right time to become a proud owner of this innovative meal management system but cannot for the life of me decide on which one to invest in! (suggestions welcome from those that currently owe one)

Why 6 Pack Fitness?

6 Pack Fitness impressively fuses function, design and meal management to bring you ultra-stylish, travel bags and luggage in an array of different colours that you can offset against your favourite fitness fashion workout gear. Step aside dated lunchboxes of yesteryear, it’s all about style over here!

I have picked out three of my favourite items from the range which may be of interest to you too.

The first item I have selected from the 6 Pack Fitness Bags is the Executive 500 Briefcase.

Executive 500 Briefcase


Designed to effortlessly combine ones professional and fitness life all under one piece of luggage. This is the item that I am gearing towards the most!

Working in an office environment at one of the world’s busiest airports means I am constantly lugging around a bulky, unattractive and dull black laptop backpack. I often carry a separate bag for food and drink items which not only is annoying, but takes up too much space when commuting via public transport.

The Executive 500 Briefcase solves carrying multiple bags around with you and is large enough to transport between 5-6 meals, sports nutrition products, shakers and supplements, plus your laptop / tablet, and accessories!


This briefcase comes with 5 no Elite Sure Seal Containers, 3 no Gel Packs and 1 Nutrition Tray for storing supplements, capsules and smaller foodstuff like nuts, seeds and small snack bars.

Other Features Include:

  • Large main compartment for clothing: Workout clothes and accessories, personal items and anything else one might needduring the day can be stored in this are.
  • Neoprene lined interior pocket: Designed to insulate and keep any water bottles / shakers cool.
  • Fleece lined technology compartment: Can fit up to 17″ laptop and tablet.
  • Patent pending adjustable core to organise your food, utensils and sports nutrition products.
  • Gel Packs: Slot into core to keep food fresh and cool for 8 hours plus.
  • Fully insulated meal compartment interior: Keeps meals fresh and cool for 8+ hours. Sure Seal Containers are leak proof, plus BPA/PVC free, microwave and dishwasher safe

Note: To clean the exterior shell of the briefcase simply use a damp cloth with mild soap. Do not wash in dishwasher or washing machine!

The Executive 500 Briefcase dimentions are 21″ x 9″ x 12″ , weights 10 lbs is only available in Black / Red as pictured above and currently retails at £124.95 when brough direct from 6 pack bags UK.

Innovator 300 – Blue



Blue happens to be my favourite colour and was immediately drawn to the electric blue and neon yellow within this range.

The Innovator 300 series in the smallest bag of the range available yet allows the owner to travel in style whilst easily transporting between 3-4 meals, supplements, shakers, drinks and anything else that you usually pack to eat healthily when you have to eat on the go.

The bag comes with 2 no Gel Packs, 3 no containers /tupperwear and a convenient shoulder strap.

Other Features Include:


  • A shelving system: Incorporated to help organise your meals.
  • Fully insulated interior: Designed to keeps meals fresh and safe, beit hot or cold!
  • Insulated side pockets: The left side can be used for water bottles, utensils and fruit and the right side for protein blender bottles and shakers.
  • Gel Packs (included): Slot in vertically and keeps food cold for up to 8 hours.
  • Containers: (included): BPA/PVC free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and leak proof.
  • Ergonomic bag straps: Padded straps for extra comfort.

The 300 innovator dimentions are 17” x 9” x 9”, weighs 5 lbs and is also available in black, hot pink and light grey and retails at £64.95 when brought direct from 6 pack bags UK.

 Voyager 500 Backpack


Raved by many in the fitness and sporting world, the Voyager 500 Backpack is designed for individuals that take their fitness and nutrition seriously.

This is the latest addition to the range and is a step up from the previous two items suggested as 6 Pack Fitness has developed a ‘mobile life bag’ that allows one to carry  food, clothes, personal things like MP3 players, keys, a laptop, shaker bottles, water and supplements.

This bag contains 5 no Elite Sure Seal Containers, 2 no Gel Packs and 1 x Sports Nutrition organisation tray for supplements, capsules and things like nuts and seeds.

Deluxe padded straps are also included for carrying comfort with an adjustable strap across the chest for stability.


The Elite Voyager features Include:

  • Separate ventilated side compartment: A place easily store training shoes or other footwear.
  • Fleece lined technology compartment: Can fit a 17″ laptop and a tablet.
  • Fleece linedpocket: Incorporated to vkeepsunglasses and eyewear safe.
  • Pockets for daily items: A safe place for your wallet, keys, phone, MP3 player and other items you may carry around daily.
  • Extra large main compartment: To store your workout gear / change of clothing, toiletries and other personal items.
  • Smell Proof: Finnnnally a bag that doesn’t smell of stail sweat (sorry of the vivid description)! The bottom of Voyager expands to create a mesh drop compartment for damp or sweaty clothes.
  • Smart panel on back: Slides out to fit upright over handles on luggage for easy transport with wheeled luggage, clever eh?
  • Expandable side pockets: Holds 1litre bottle.
  • Neoprene lined internal pocket: Ideal to store your protein shaker.
  • Internal pocket: A great space for workout gear, hand-wraps and gloves.

The Voyager 500 Backpack dimentions are 14” x 13” x 21” , weights 12 lbs, is only available in Black, and currently retails at £174.95 when brought direct from 6 pack bags UK

If you meal prep on a regular basis and are looking for a solution to eliminate carrying multiple bags around with you, 6 Pack Bags may well be your answer.

The items featured can be purchased directly from the 6 Pack Bags UK website.

  • this might be the best idea in the world

    • Dani

      Hey Marcus, thanks for passing by. I totally agree! I was sold the second I laid eyes on them (last year) and the designs have got better. It won’t be too long before I am a proud owner of a 6 pack fitness bag. Happy Sunday 🙂

  • I just got the Voyager bookbag last month and I wonder if its airport carry-on friendly