CHOSpin BOOM! Cycle Review – An Intense Spinning Event Co-hosted With Chobani

I am a self confessed sports fanatic and fitness junkie but funnily enough I have never tried a spinning class before. Don’t get me wrong, I have completed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on an indoor bike for I have one at home but for some strange reason have never attended an actual ‘Spinning Class’. That all changed when I received an email invite to join fellow fitness bloggers for a  unique session entitled CHOSpin held at Boom! Cycle Shorditch and co-hosted with Chobani at the beginning of October 2013.

I willingly accepted the invite for I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try out a spinning class at BOOM and more intriguingly… to find out why my twitter and IG timeline was raving about this yoghurt named Chobani having not previously tried it.

Needless to say the week flew by with work keeping me extra busy and before I knew it the evening had arrived for me to break my spin and Chobani virginity.

As I took the train into Central London my mind was anticipating what the ‘spinning’ experience was going to be like. Surely it’s no different to my HIIT intervals I do at home I pondered to myself. I met Elle at Liverpool Street Station where we made our way to BOOM!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely staff  who asked us to sign in. We were given a bottle of water, a towel as well as the opportunity to wear the cycle clip in shoes. Elle advised me not to take the shoes as they were for people with more experience but being the curious type I naturally am I opted to wear them (a decision I would later regret during our session).

Shortly after the previous class had finished we were guided into the area where our session was to take place, a dark room filled with fancy looking indoor bikes. “What have I let myself in for I muttered”  Five minutes later after the last of the attendees arrived, the live DJ begun spinning head bumping tracks *excuse the pun* we saddled our chosen cycle station, clipped in our shoes into the pedals (for those that chose this option) and we were good to go!

The next 45 mins seemed like an hour and was haaard work to say the least. Our instructor Amy had us doing intervals both sitting and standing throughout, and when told to sprint for a whole minute, my legs were going at such a pace that my shoes kept coming off of the pedals!!!  This caused me slight frustration as there was one point in the session I missed out on an entire set by desperately attempting to clip my shoes back onto the pedals *not cool and would not opt to use the shoes again*

Still spinning at a comfortable pace, a variety of  exercises were also thrown into the mix using 3kg and 5kg dumbells which included but not limited to bicep curls, front raises and tricep extentions. This gave those in attendance a whole body workout. Sweat was literally dripping off of me during the session and must point out both my arms and legs felt it the next morning AND the morning after, a sign that I was well and truely worked haha *DOMS gallore!*

Hats off to our amazing instructor Tara for bringing fantastic energy to the session and really got the class going when the going got tough! Cool down completed and it was time to head to the break out area where post spin protein smoothies awaited us. These were sooo nice and only contained nothing but natural goodness.


John McManus (the man behind the invite and representative of Chobani UK) briefed us on the history of Chobani and how the brand steadily made its way to the UK whilst we sipped on our well deserved, thick, cold and creamy smoothie. During his talk he also informed us on the great nutritional content each yoghurt pot contains. I won’t give too much away here as a Chobani product review is one of my next articles to publish but will say the protein content and low fat is pretty impressive!!!

Stomach and tastebuds satisfied and the evening had concluded. We each were given a lovely Chobani embroidered bag to take away with us and contained more Chobani goodies (a four pack of their smallest posts, vouchers off of more Chobani, cool embroidered trainer laces and a free session at BOOM!).

Special thanks goes to John for the invite, the rest of the Chobani team in attendance that night, our Instructor Tara and her everfriendly colleagues at BOOM! Cycle for making my first ever spinning session an enjoyable yet memorable one *this won’t be my last session here*

Should you wish to find out more about BOOM! Cycle, including prices and class types and timetables, they can be found online by visiting the BOOM! Cycle Website , BOOM! Cycle Facebook or by following them on Twitter.

For all you high protein yoghurt fans among you… Chobani can be found online by visiting the Chobani UK Website, Chobani UK Facebook or by following them on Twitter

What were your experiences of your first spin session? Did your legs feel like jelly the following morning like mine did.  Where you bruised or sore in places you shouldn’t be or are you still plucking up the courage to attend a session… I’m intrigued to know 🙂

  • Hilary Gilbert

    Hello Danielle,

    I just wanted to write to say a HUGE thank you for your review and I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!
    I read a bit about you and your Breakin’ Boundrez work sounds fantastic. We are always up for getting involved with great charities so if you ever wanted to use the studio to run a class to raise money for your cause, do let me know! We did one last weekend that raised 1200.00 with just one 1 hour class….
    I did also want to let you know your instructors name was Tara, not Amy. You did seem very thankful and I’m sure she would appreciate knowing it was directed at her.

    I hope you use your free session voucher and if you want to give the shoes a go again, I can make sure someone clips you in correctly next time – just shoot me an email when you are going or simply ask the front of house staff to help you.

    Again, thanks so much and have an awesome day!


    • Dani

      Hi Hilary, thank you for passing by. I am thrilled you like my review of Boom! Cycle. It was a great evening had! Sincere apologies for getting the instructor’s name wrong initially *someone in our session addressed her as Amy so assumed*. It has now been changed so please pass on my thanks to Tara for an awesome session 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my breakin’ boundrez team and the work we do with The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust amongst other charities. It is nice to know that you offer your studio for charity events and will most definitely keep your gesture in mind for a few events I am planning to host in the new year!

      I will also let you know when my next visit is so I can give the shoes another go. Looking forward to being put through my paces again.

      Have a wonderful day!