Converse Unveils New Made By You Campaign

Image courtesy of Converse UK

Something that caught my eye over the weekend that I thought to share with you all was the Converse new campaign, Made by You which in essense celebrates the self-expression and experiences marked on all Chuck Taylor All Stars. The journey begins with a simple blank canvas of the iconic fresh Chucks, with each lived-in pair becoming a self-portrait of the wearer and their creativity (how cool is that?)

Fans worldwide have offered their personal pairs for Chuck Taylor sneaker portraits, images showcasing the diversity of wearers and the
stories they have to tell. Converse have curated a selection of the sneaker portraits by international icons including Patti Smith, Jefferson Hack, Andy Warhol and Glenn O¹Brien, as well as British creative spirits from various fields including Agi & Sam (Agi Mdumulla), Sibling (Cozette McCreery), Sean Frank, Sam Taylor and Shay Ola.

Each creative spirit has also shared their Six Word Story, a snapshot of their Chucks experience and life attitude. As part of Made by You in London, London Chuck fans also have had their own chance to celebrate their stories and their sneakers, including local creatives and artist Damilola Odusote, who has been busy creating an original Made By You art Art Istallation in Shoreditch, London.

Damilola Odusote is a British born artist with Nigerian roots based in London, whose sculptures combine everyday objects with abstract techniques to challenge our perceptions. In the spirit of his creative identity, Damilola has captured his own take on Sneaker Portraits ­by using thousands of polaroids of Londoners wearing their Chucks sharing their Six Word Stories ­and assembling the images to create an ident art structure of London’s iconic outline.

Supported by students from Central Saint Martins, Damilola will construct the unique and striking installation by hand within a gallery space on London’s Shoreditch High Street. From the slightest mark to the most original personalisation, the impressions on each pair of Chucks hints at their unique story. The raw Sneaker Portraits gathered together in Damilola’s installation will reveal and celebrate the self-expression of some of the city’s most diverse characters to create an artwork that is authentically Made by you.

Sounds like something you will be interested in viewing yourself? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the installation will be open to the public from Tuesday 3rd March 2015 –  Sunday 8th March 15 between the hours of 12pm and 8pm 3-10 Shoreditch High Street.

I myself will be sharing my own Chuck Taylor Self Portrait right here on this very blog so do keep an eye out over the next coming weeks please god.