Welcome to wonderful world of This Woman’s Word, founded by Danielle Watson. Danielle is a qualified Kick-boxing Coach / Assistant Instructor under the PKA Kick-boxing Association where she has been training over the last five years. She completed her 1st Degree Black Belt Exam in March 2014 and plans to run her own Mixed Martial Arts / Self Defence classes, with a particular focus on Women’s Training by the end of 2014.

She successfully completed her level 2 CYQ Gym Instructor course in April 2012 and has a REPs accredited certificate in Sports Nutrition.

She has a burning passion for all things health fitness and well-being related and loves to test herself to the ultimate limit. Through her own sporting madness, this is where the birth, and aptly named ‘Breakin’ Boundrez’ team was founded by her.

Back in July 2011, whilst volunteering for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, Danielle convinced her kick-boxing colleagues and other ACLT Supporters via twitter to take part in the Gold Challenge, a mass participation in the UK to take on Olympic and Paralympic Sports whilst raising money for a chosen cause.

In summary, team Breakin’ Boundrez are a highly motivated team of friends with a serious, yet fun loving passion for all things sports related.

“We challenge ourselves and others to ‘break through the boundaries’ of our fears to build confidence, improve sporting excellence and promote a CAN-DO attitude”.

Through Danielle’s passion for the ACLT, together with the ability to connect with potential donors via social media networks whilst raising awareness of  the importance to give blood, earned her the role of being one of the Charity’s Ambassadors. She is also a trained councillor  which allows her to assist in taking saliva samples and checking the confidential health check forms from the general public who sign up to the bone marrow register during  the charities recruitment drives.

Since August 2011,  Danielle has successfully led and captained her Breakin’ Boundrez team to numerous victories, events the team members did not think they could physically achieve before joining hence living up to their team name.

Events completed but not limited to are 5k park run races, covering a collective distance of 2012 miles in 2012 by either Running, Cycling, Rowing or Swimming, conquering a Mount Snowdon trek in 7 hours, completed the 55 mile London to Brighton Cycle and the most memorable experience to date, being one of the first people to race 100m and 4 x 100m rely at the Olympic Stadium in front of a 20,000 strong crowd back in April 2012.

Since the birth of Breakin’ Boundrez, the team have collectedly raised over £4,000.00 for various charities and plan to undertake even crazier challenges throughout 2014.

Danielle quotes “Those that know me personally would say I live, breath and sleep fitness, whilst encouraging others to get involved in my crazy sporting adventures. Maintaining an active lifestyle is part of who I am and am constantly on the look out of new ways to challenge myself and other people who want to join my team both physically and mentally. There is nothing more satisfying for me than helping and motivating people to reach their fitness goals and seeing them progress beyond their expectations”.

Health and Wellbeing plays a huge part in Danielle’s life, so much so that she spends many hours reading and researching healthier food alternatives, superfood supplements and natural skincare / beauty products that she can adopt into her daily dietary and beauty regime all whilst enlightening her readers and followers on her recent discoveries.

She also likes to manipulate the nutritional content of a classic main dish / dessert to re-create mouth-watering low calorie / low sugar healthier recipes without having to sacrafice on taste.

All things Health, Fitness and Wellbeing aside, Danielle completed her five year part time Quantity Surveying Consultancy Degree in September 2012 whilst working full time as an Assistant Facilities Manager, donates blood regularly and is signed up to the Bone Marrow Register in the hope to be a successful match for someone in need. She loves life, her long-term boyfriend, family, friends and gets great satisfaction from helping others.

She is an outgoing, very approachable and compassionate individual full of character who always wears a smile. That said never mistake her kindness for weakness.

Danielle is a PR friendly individual who LOVES working with brands she is passionate about, in particular smaller companies, to help them grow by increasing their social media presence.

All views expressed on this site are honest and entirely her own.